Pour Some Sugar on Me - Story

Story Behind the Song "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

It has been 30 years since the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was recorded by Def Leppard.

In January 2017 it has been 30 years since the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was recorded by Def Leppard.

It's amazing how often in modern music world tracks composed in haste end up as the album's flagship and become incredibly popular. This is the case with the Def Leppard's song "Pour Some Sugar on Me".

To make the long story short, the band boys decided to relax a bit after they recorded "Armageddon It" for the album "Hysteria". During the break, Joe Elliott picked up an acoustic guitar and began to improvise by playing new riffs. Producer Mutt Lange, who was pursued by the fixed idea that the album was lacking a solid hit, head this improvisation. He believed in that song and helped Elliot compile the text. Time was running out, so is was important to act very quickly.

They worked it out in a very unusual way. Both put on the tape everything that came to their mind. Then the two of them attended both cassettes and agreed on the fact that the line "Love is like a bomb" is perfect for the beginning of the song and the expression of its general meaning. Then they only needed to collect text from disparate fragments.

Later, Elliott unveiled "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was a "metaphor for all your sexual preference". So the idea of ??the song is quite clear, but it was cleverly shaped so that the music radio and TV stations could put it on rotation without any biases.

The origin of the main phrase in the text that eventually turned into the name of the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" has an interesting history. Joe Elliott once said that the first single he bought was "Sugar, Sugar" by the rock group The Archies from the popular cartoon. The last verse of the song contains almost the same line. Sowe may consider it to be the source of inspiration.

it took about two weeks to finish the recording of "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and it was included as the twelfth track into "Hysteria" album. Pour Some Sugar on Me was also released as the single to climb to the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In Canada, the song was a real hit. The song is not saved the whole album, but also raised sales to the level Def Leppard were not even imagining.

In 2006, VH1 awarded "Pour Some Sugar on Me" with the second place on the list of the 100 greatest songs of the '80s.